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Magnus Trains Women Human Rights Group on MFI

Training participants and trainersOn October 1st, 2010, Magnus completed a five day microfinance training in which participants Women Human Rights (WHR) are trained on microfinance, its institutionalization and processes, ICT implications and accounting. There are roughly 500 groups of single women in the country who are supported by WHR and in the process of institutionalization into microfinance institutes (MFIs). The enterprise has been working with MFIs for the last six years and has the knowledge-base, experience and expertise in all four types of such institutions: 1) Grameen model MFI; 2) Saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs); 3) Multipurpose Cooperatives; and 4) Developmental cooperatives. WHR cooperatives (or groups) are one of the developmental cooperatives in the country, where as, others are Small Farmers Cooperatives (SFCs) and Women Development Cooperatives.

In the training, participants are trained on following specific topics: 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - I

·       Introduction of Hardware & Software

·       Use of computer

·       Peripherals of computer

·       Role of computer in cooperative & community


Introduction of Accounting System and Procedure

·         Introduction of Accounting System and Procedure

·         Types of Accounts

·         Journal Voucher Entry

 ·         Cash Book

 ·         Ledger

 ·         PL Account

 ·         Trial Balance

 ·         Balance Sheet

 ·         PL appropriation Account.


 ·         History of Cooperatives/MFIs in Nepal

 ·         Principle of Cooperative

 ·         Planning on Cooperative

 ·         Budget and Fund Management

 ·        Types of Cooperative

 ·        Share and Dividend Procedure

 ·      PERLS reporting System


 ·         Loan landing procedure

 ·         Interest Type

 ·         Collection procedure



 ·         Introduction of Saving

 ·         Category of Saving and its types

 ·         Important role of Saving

 ·         How we can raise the saving

 Governance and Management

 ·         Prevailing Leadership, Advice & Support System in the Society (Johari Window)

 ·         Way of thinking (Six Thinking Hats) and problem solving mechanism

 ·         Communication Skills

 ·         Risk Management

Co-Operative Software (SARAL BITTA) - ICT II

 ·         Introduction

 ·         Operation

 ·         Reporting

 ·         Accounting Management

 ·         Loan Management

 ·         Saving Management

 ·         Share Management Importance of Software in cooperatives         

News & Events

To reflect and leverage enterprise's knowledge-base, expertise and experience in MFI domain, Magnus is launching Nepal Microfinance Gateway, a portal to assist national and international stakeholders in terms of relevant data and information in the sector. 


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. has built strategic partnership with Nepal Agriculture Co-operative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCF). The partnership is expected to strengthen what Magnus has been doing with rural Small Farmers Cooperatives through its PCP model and BCI strategies.


Mr. Tikajit Rai writes for MicroFinance Insight, a bimonthly international magazine, a US based MFI knowledge base company. This agreement was reached at recent MasterCard, Grameen Foundation and CGAP funded workshop series that was held in Hyderabad, India, in April, 2010.


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. wins the MF banking software development project for Sana Kisan Bikash Bank Limited (SKBBL), also known as Small Farmer Development Bank, and starts the six-month long project.

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