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Force Behind Social Enterpreneurship

Mr. Tikajit Rai was born in a remote village named Mukli (Mukli VDC) in Solukhumbu district (district where Mt. Everest stands). Although his father served in British Gurkhas he spent most of his childhood in this birth village. During his father's service in the army he was enrolled in grade 2 in Gorkha children school in Brunei. When he finished his grade 4 in Hong Kong (because then 7th Gorkha Rifles, the battalion, had moved from Brunei to Hong Kong), his father retired and settled back in Nepal. 

In his persual for higher education, he graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Oklahoma, USA. In his academic years, he was honored with "Who's Who in American colleges and universities (1997-98)", first Nepali ever to receive this honor.  In 1998 he co-founded, Nepal's first eCommerce venture (which now runs under name).

After living in the US for 12 years, in 2003, despite the conflict in country was going through, Mr. Rai returned to Nepal. He, with Mr. Bishnu Gautam, co-founded Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. in 2005 to extend ICT based services to rural areas: if targeted Diaspora community with access to Visa/Master cards holders, Magnus will target rural communities that are marginalized and are in the bottom of the pyramid. With the substantial engineering training and professional experience in Western world and experience in entrepreneurship,  he has the right energy, capacity and persona of a social entrepreneur to lead the Magnus Strategies.

In the span of 7 years, in addition to his successful social enterprise, he helped Institute of Engineering (IoE), Nepal, develop elective Wireless Technology course and taught for two years; executed responsibilities as the coordinator of two sub-committees in Rural Telecenter Coordination Committee (RTCC) at High Level Commission for IT (HLCIT)  served as ICT expert to develop national Type Approval (TA) at Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) and lead committee in policy front in drafting National Broadband Policy (2010). He is enthused in advocating professional development and Project Management. Since 2008, he chairs Project Management Association Nepal (PMAN), country's first project management association. Mr. Rai is also a lifetime member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

News & Events

Training participants and trainersOn October 1st, 2010, Magnus completes a five day microfinance training in which participants Women Human Rights (WHR) are trained on microfinance, its institutionalization and processes, ICT implications and accounting. There are roughly 500 groups of single women in the country who are supported by WHR and in the process of institutionalization into microfinance institutes (MFIs).


To reflect and leverage enterprise's knowledge-base, expertise and experience in MFI domain, Magnus is launching Nepal Microfinance Gateway, a portal to assist national and international stakeholders in terms of relevant data and information in the sector. 


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. has built strategic partnership with Nepal Agriculture Co-operative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCF). The partnership is expected to strengthen what Magnus has been doing with rural Small Farmers Cooperatives through its PCP model and BCI strategies.


Mr. Tikajit Rai writes for MicroFinance Insight, a bimonthly international magazine, a US based MFI knowledge base company. This agreement was reached at recent MasterCard, Grameen Foundation and CGAP funded workshop series that was held in Hyderabad, India, in April, 2010.


Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. wins the MF banking software development project for Sana Kisan Bikash Bank Limited (SKBBL), also known as Small Farmer Development Bank, and starts the six-month long project.

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